The lights go out. 

The audience waits with anticipation. 

We are about to go live.

Are you ready?

The feeling I get when the lights go out and the show is about to begin is the reason I chose live entertainment as my profession. I savor the chance to create experiences that are larger than life for both the artist and the audience.

I am an audio video professional with more than 15 years of experience in all aspects of live production. I currently work at the Moss Arts Center at Virginia Tech as the Senior Production Technician. The exposure to the technology being developed here at Virginia Tech through my employment has sparked my interest in pursuing a Masters degree in Creative Technologies at Virginia Tech. Utilizing technology in live environments is one of my passions and has been throughout my career.

My first love is audio. My interest in live performances began when I played in bands in high school and throughout college in the bass studio at the University of Tennessee. Playing music progressed to mixing live bands and live broadcasts of bands and into a career as a professional audio visual technician. I am also an avid photographer. I have worked professionally as a camera operator and projectionist, during which time I have shot commercials, music videos, live performances, and documentaries. 

Live And Breathing is my production company that a colleague and I started in 2010. We travel the country recording live performances in intimate locations and have worked with hundreds of artists. Our YouTube channel has gained more than 40 million views and 50,000 followers and our work has been featured on NPR and HBO's Big Little Lies. 

I have brought my love of live performance full circle by teaching my skills to young people interested in audio visual technologies. As a broadcast engineer with the community-based radio station WDVX, I started an internship program that trained 3-4 interns per year as live broadcast audio engineers. At the Music Lab in Roanoke, I helped create a curriculum and taught  music and music production classes to students ages 12 to 19. 

I am deeply interested in utilizing the full extent of technology to maximize experiences and to continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in a live performance. Through the use of lighting, spacial audio, and creatively impactful video narrative, we can create an experience that can be immersive. Immersive experiences can be transformative. Transformative performances are only possible with the right combination of talent, technology, and vision.



Multimedia Specialist